Odyssey Pokemon Circuit

Compete in the most fierce Pokemon TCG Competition in Pasadena!

About Us

With the pause of Pokemon OP due to the pandemic, Pokemon Sundays at Odyssey Games is about to get heavy! Compete in a season long ladder to become the very best!

  • Competitive format for beginners and seasoned players! Grow as you play to make your first step in the competitive world of Pokemon TCG
  • Runs along side Pokemon Sundays so players will not need to worry about scheduling matches with other players
  • Great benefits for players

Starting with Season 1, players will compete for Circuit Points between 8-10 weeks to earn their spot for the play-offs where they will face off for the trophy and bragging rights (as well as cool prizes!) to show them who is the best in Pasadena.

Why play in the Odyssey Pokemon Circuit?

  • 01 Competitive Format

    Play in a heavy competitive format to become a better player. Learn how competitive pokemon works to help you in your journey to become a Pokemon World Champion.

  • Even if you're a beginner, a returning player or a seasoned veteran, Competing in the Pokemon Sunday tournaments will give everyone an opportunity to play so that you can improve as a player.

  • No matter how you do in the tournaments, if you are on a losing streak or dominating with the most Circuit Points, you will always get some sort of reward. Prizes for everyone!

  • One time fee of $25 per season (To earn you a spot on the leaderboards) will net you some cool player benefits (listed below) and the more players that join the more prizes we will be able to give out!


2022 Season 1 Standings

January - March 2022 (In-Progress)

Updated for Week 2

* Last Season Winner; Secured a spot for play-offs

PositionPlayerTeamTournaments PlayedCircuit Points

Hall of Fame

Introducing our previous winners throughout their OPC Career.


2021 Season 1 Champion

Went undefeated (6-0) in Season 1 Play-offs and also #1 in the OPC Season 1 League


2021 Season 2 Champion

League Regular


For being an Odyssey Pokemon Circuit player will net you some cool benefits to help you start your Pokemon Journey!

In-Store Incentive

Every Odyssey League Player per season will get a one time player-entry gift to use in store! (Or donate yours to the prize pool!)

Circuit Tracking

See where you are on the leaderboards with a semi-real time league tracking. Every match is recorded with basic stat tracking of what deck you will play with and against with but furthermost know where you stand against the others as you race to the top.

Meet New Players

Don't worry about having to play against the same deck (You can always change decks during the season!), you will have the opportunity to get wins and play against even level players.


Know what it's like to have people watch you when you compete! Recording VODs of matches and casted by some of the League folks to showcase how strong you players are. Feel the heat as a semi-pro player!


Have any questions about the Circuit, Pokemon Sundays, or our store in general? Feel free to contact us!


1795 East Colorado Boulevard


(626) 817-9522